Top 10 Reasons Students Should Crowdfund on CauseEDU

With so many crowdfunding platforms out there, what makes CauseEDU the best for students raising money for school? We’re glad you asked.

1 | Our Recurring Donations Feature

Donors give more when they have the option of setting up monthly donations. No other major crowdfunding platform offers this feature.

2 | (Mandatory) Enrollment Verification

If a student is applying for grants, scholarships, or student loans, they have to verify they are who they say they are. This hasn’t been the case with crowdfunding, which makes donors hesitant to give (we hear every day about crowdfunding scams on other platforms). With CauseEDU, we require enrollment verification for every student. This gives donors the assurance they need, which in turns causes them to give more money.

3 | Direct Pay To School Option

If you have donors who maybe don’t want to give the funds to you directly (especially if you’re raising a larger amount), you can set up your account so that the funds go directly to the school. This assurance helps donors to feel comfortable giving more money.

4 | Private Campaigns

Don’t want EVERYONE to know your business? You have the option of setting up a private campaign. Your campaign won’t be listed on our website homepage or under “support a student,” and the only people who can see it are the ones who have the link we provide you.

5 | Education Fundraising Tips and Tools Just For You!     

CauseEDU is crowdfunding JUST for education expenses. Unlike other sites, we provide tools that are proven to help you raise more money for school. Our founder has over a decade of experience in education philanthropy and knows what donors need in order to give more money.

6 | Financial Literacy

In addition to our crowdfunding site, CauseEDU provides financial literacy tools for students. Need help creating a budget for school? Need tips on where else to find money, or how to cut costs? We can help!

7 | Campaign Incentives and Challenges

Every month, we’ll offer a different challenge that awards more money to students who participate. For instance, in May, the first student to raise $1,000 receives a free Amazon Echo Dot and the first student to raise $500 receives $50 towards their campaign.

8 | We Invest in Education

Each year, CauseEDU contributes a percentage of our profits to education. Also, our financial literacy tools are free for students!

9 | Education Is All We Do

This allows us to focus on what matters most to you, and we take your feedback seriously. If there’s something you want to see on our site, let us know!

10 | We Hire Students

From our Student Ambassador program to our Internships, CauseEDU believes in helping students financially, not just through crowdfunding, but through jobs as well.
CauseEDU is an education funding platform that makes it easier for students to raise money for school, and easier for donors to support them. In addition to crowdfunding, we offer financial literacy tools and workshops for students.

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